Episode Resources

S3 Episode 19: Left Brain, Right Brain – or BOTH?
Dr. McGilchrist website
Harvard Museum video on Phineas Gage
About Phineas Gage

S3 Episode 18: Finding Your Soul in Ice
Wim Hof’s website
Videos of the Wim Hof Method

S3 Episode 17: Everybody Dance Now
Dr. Basso’s website
“Lil Buck” video
Dance for PD (interstitial)

S2 Episode 17: Making Sense of Music
Dr. Kraus’ lab
Dr. Kraus’ new book – Of Sound Mind

S3 Episode 16: The Healing Power of Grief
Watch a trailer for the wildlife documentary The Elephant Queen made together with partner Victoria Stone.

S3 Episode 15: The Scent of a Memory
Dr. Rachel Herz
Your Money or Your Sense of Smell?

S3 Episode 1: The Nine Triggers of Rage
From Scientific American: The Roots of Human Aggression
The Nine Triggers of Rage L.I.F.E. M.O.R.T.S. Chart

S3 Episode 14: The Brain Computer Interface
About Dr. Edward Chang
Giving the Voiceless A Voice
Helping A Paralyzed Patient Speak

S3 Episode 13: The Power at the End of Your Fork
Dr. Uma Naidoo
Definition, diagnostic criteria for orthorexia nervosa
When Efforts to Eat “Clean” Become An Unhealthy Obsession

S3 Episode 12: Maps in Your Head
Dr. Rebecca Schwarzlose
Garden of the Mind

S3 Episode 11: While You Were Sleeping
About the Psycho-Phone
About Dr. Ken Paller

S3 Episode 10: The Brink of Death
International Association for Near Death Studies
“After” By Dr. Bruce Greyson  

S3 Episode 9: Whispers and Tingles: ASMR with Craig Richard
Is ASMR Real? From Scientific American
Watch the Zoe Kravitz ASMR Super Bowl Commercial

S3 Episode 8: Searching for the God Spot
About Jordan Grafman
Religion and the Brain

S3 Episode 7: Exploring The Magic Mushroom
About Albert Garcia-Romeu, PhD
About Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic & Consciousness Research

S3 Episode 6: Why Your Brain Hates Exercise
About Dr. Jennifer Heisz
About the NeuroFitLab

S3 Episode 5: The Science of Storytelling
About Dr. Paula Croxon
About Professor Uri Hasson

S3 Episode 4: Transcendental Meditation
About Dr. Tony Nader
About Transcendental Meditation

S3 Episode 3: Cultivating Confidence
From Bloomberg Businessweek: How to Avoid Burnout 
About Nate Zinsser

S3 Episode 2: Our Emotional Memory
Remembering 9/11
About Elizabeth Phelps

S2 Episode 24: Awestruck! Part Two
Cirque du Soleil and the Neuroscience of Awe
Why We Evolved To Be Curious

S2 Episode 23: Awestruck! Part One 
Cirque du Soleil and the Neuroscience of Awe
Why We Evolved To Be Curious

S2 Episode 22: The Biology of Eating Disorders
National Eating Disorders Association
The National Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders

S2 Episode 21: A Jolt of Happiness
From Discover Magazine: Scientists Used Electricity to Spark Joy
From Discover Magazine: Are Animals Really Happy When They Smile 

S2 Episode 19: Do You Hear What I See?
From The MIT Press Essential Knowledge series: Synesthesia by Richard E. Cytowic

S2 Episode 18: Your Brain on Trial
About Francis X. Shen

S2 Episode 17: Making Sense of Music
Dr. Kraus’ Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory
Dr. Kraus’ new book “Of Sound Mind”

S2 Episode 16: Do-It-Yourself Neuroscience
Bring the world of neuroscience to your classroom and home.

S2 Episode 15: In Search of Creativity
About the Tennenbaum Center for the Biology of Creativity

S2 Episode 14: Who Do You Trust?
About Frank Krueger
Frank Krueger Editorial: Towards a Refined Understanding of Social Trust (T-R-U-S-T)

S2 Episode 12: Your Brain Is Not for Thinking
About Lisa Feldman Barrett
Lisa Feldman Barrett at Northeastern

S2 Episode 11: Into the Woods… to Heal
About David Strayer and the Applied Cognition Laboratory
David Strayer on The Mind’s Connection to Nature

S2 Episode 10: Getting Into the Flow
About Steven Kotler

S2 Episode 9: Talking with Dolphins
About Diana Reiss
Diana Reiss on animal cognition

S2 Episode 1: How Gabby Giffords Found Her Voice
Gabby’s Story